Selling Your Boston Home - Read This First Before Prepping Your Boston House for Sale

04/21/22  |  Nouné Karapetian

With both Concierge and Curbio, If the house doesn’t sell, you have 1 year to pay the money back with no interest.

Selling Your Boston Home - Read This First Before Prepping Your Boston House for Sale 

0 Interest, no fee loans to add value to your home 

Compass Concierge

Many Buyers want a move-in ready house and they are willing to pay way over asking for that convenience, much more than it would cost them to do the renovations themselves. They want to just move- in and enjoy their new house.
Many Home Sellers don’t know that those renovations they are dreading and getting overwhelmed about, can be done easily with none of their money! By choosing to not do anything, Sellers are leaving money on the table, when it could easily land in their pockets!
I am here to tell you that you don’t need to suffer! There is an easy way to have your cake and eat it too. I am talking about Compass Concierge! This program helps you pay for things that you would not even think about. Like  pet daycare while your house is going thru renovations or while you are moving, paying for moving, staging, short term rental while your house is getting a facelift, you can pay for many services with the 0 interest, no fee loan you get from Concierge. Here is a list of standard things that are covered - painting, staging, minor kitchen remodel, HVAC service. More unusual services like paying for inspection prior to putting your house on the market, moving services, boxes etc.
Compass concierge is only available to Compass agents, so if you don’t live in MA where I can help you, reach out to me and I will connect you with an awesome Compass agent in your area, this program is National and it is made possible by a third party lender Notable. What’s the catch, you might ask? Why would a lender choose not to charge you any fees and not make any money? There is no trickery here and really, you don’t have any hidden fees. Compass pays Notable, so you don’t have to. Compass makes more money from this because more Sellers go with a Compass agent, when they hear about this awesome program and in the long run Compass makes more sales, so it’s a win-win.
There are 2 prerequisites -
    1. You need to have enough equity in your home, Notable can loan you 5% of the asking price or 75K max, you need to have twice the amount in the equity of your home
    2. Your credit score needs to be decent
You can only request 1 loan, so ask for more money than you think you will need. You only pay back what you used.
You can use that money to buy paint and do the painting yourself.
You might want to pay for inspection before you put your home on the market and show buyers your inspection report, Concierge will cover that expense too.
You get a debit card in the mail but also you instantly get access to the portal. You can use the portal to send a check directly from Notable to the contractor or ask for some amount of money to be wired to your bank account.
Any payment over 5K, you need to upload an invoice from the contractor but any less amount you just ask for it and it is given to you.
Once everything is done, we bring the right paperwork to the closing table and the amount you spent will be sent to Notable from the closing proceeds. And btw, the agent doesn’t make any commission on that part of the sale.
What do you think? Would you use somebody else’s money to prepare your house for sale? Is that a good idea?
Download my Seller’s guide on my website


If you need to do a huge renovation, and you want somebody to take over the whole project managing it and you also don’t want to deal with contractors yourself, there is another service available called Curbio. Curbio is not affiliated with Compass. Curbio works with real estate agents, and only if the house is getting ready to be put on the market. Curbio gives you an estimate within a day after applying, there are no fees or interest.
What’s different about Curbio, is they provide you with licensed and insured contractors, you don’t choose them, they have a project manager and they take care of everything from the beginning to the end and again you pay them at the closing. The price they give you includes labor and materials and they have access to good quality materials fast. The footprint of the house has to stay the same, they don’t do additions, they also have a portal where you can track the progress of the work. 
Curbio doesn’t have a limit on how much you can spend. 
With both Concierge and Curbio, If the house doesn’t sell, you have 1 year to pay the money back with no interest.
For more detailed information on both these services, please contact me at [email protected]
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